In the Budget speech of 2011-2012 Government has announced State Road Improvements project aimed at the development of selected 1000km of road in the state during next five years. It has been suggested that the state road improvements project would best be implemented through a special purpose vehicle. It is proposed that SPV can be farmed as a Private ltd company & the name of Company is proposed as ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE COMPANY KERALA Limited “RICK”. The capital of the company will be shared between the governments of Kerala and Kerala Road Fund with not less than 51% of the Shares Held by Government of Kerala. The authorized Capital of the company will be (50lakhs Rupees Fifty lakhs only) .The authorized Capital shall be divided into 50,000(Fifty thousand) Equity Shares of 100 (Rupees one Hundred) each. Minister (works) shall be the chairman and The Secretary PWD Shall be The Vice Chairman of the Board of Director of the company.
Reference G.O No:
  • G.O (MS) 38/2012/PWD DATED 17/04/2012
  • G.O (MS) 15/2012/PWD DATED 02/02/2012
  • G.O (MS) 27/2012/PWD DATED 17/04/2012
  • Certificate of incorporation
The Main objects to be pursued by the company on its incorporation
  1. To develop, construct , implement, erect , build , repair , execute , improve ,administer, up – grade , modernize , strengthen , resurface , geometrically correct , manage , control , maintain, demolish, grade , curve , pave , macadamize, signalize , marking of expressways, state highways, Major district roads, other district roads , access roads, paths , streets, sideways, bye-passes, pavements, reclamations, Bridges, subways, tunnels , elevated corridors, road over bridges, road under bridges, subways , drainage facilities, lighting, road side facilities, truck bays , bus bays , toll plazas , integrated check posts , weigh bridges , vehicle testing centres, passenger amenity centres, logistic centres , bus shelters, bus terminals , foot over bridges, wayside amenities, medical facilities, intelligent transport systems, median developments, cutting , filling , levelling , quarrying, landscaping, road side plantation or any other transport system or facility in the state of Kerala collectively called as State Road Improvement project’ either through  conventional cash contracts I.e. item rate or percentage or turnkey contracts or engineering – procurement- construct (EPC) contracts or Operational & Management contracts or public private partnership models including Build -Operate and Transfer ( BOT) or Build-Own-Operate and Transfer ( BOOT) or Build -Transfer and Operate ( BTO) or Annuity models or any other implementation model which facilitate to undertake the project from concept to completion including operation and management’s company
  2. To identify , select , prioritize , conduct feasibility studies including environmental impact assessment, topographic surveys , soil & geotechnical investigations , material investigations, traffic studies, stake-holder consultations, demand assessment, willingness to pay surveys, non- destructive testing of existing & new pavements and conduct detailed project reports including detailed planning , design , engineer, costing and financial analysis, project structuring , bundling and un-bundling , packaging,preparation of qualification and bid documents, ageeements , inviting applications for qualification, evaluation, empanelment or short-listing of firms , marketing, inviting bids( Request for proposal ) , receipt , evaluation of bids received, award of contracts, executing project agreements with or without the assistance of consultants, advisors and technical & legal experts including selecting, appointing, retaining them for implementation of the project.